President's Message

From 2017 to 2019, we, the Funai Soken Consulting Group, will seek to strengthening our business fundamentals and cement our position as a trusted, comprehensive provider of management consulting solutions by implementing Great Value 2020, our newly formulated mid-range business plan.

A New Mid-Range Business Plan "Great Value 2020" (2017–2019)

At the Funai Soken Consulting Group, our primary mission is to help our clients become truly great companies. When we say "great company," we mean a business that provides profits and education, contributes to the public good, and achieves sustained growth (see page 28 for details).

But to help clients achieve such levels of excellence, we, too, must be a great company. Certainly, we have achieved growth in our time alongside our clients, but that is only half the job; our quest is to propel all Funai Soken Consulting Group companies to “great company” status by 2020. To that end, we devised a ten-year business plan divided into three phases: "hop," "step," and "jump." FY2017 marks the start of the final three years of that ten-year plan, and we have formulated a new mid-range business plan, Great Value 2020, for that period.

Our goal is to become a trusted, comprehensive provider of management consulting solutions by enhancing the strengths of our existing management consulting business and pursuing two key strategies, one each for business and human resources.

The business strategy is centered on boosting membership of our management workshops to 10,000 companies. We will then leverage that customer base to roll out a variety of consulting services. The human resources strategy is based on hiring at least 200 consultants a year across the whole Funai Soken Consulting Group and offering a broader array of higher-quality business consulting services. Hence, as we execute our business strategy, we are also building a workforce that facilitates sustained growth.

Looking Ahead to 2030

To the right is an illustrated overview of our intentions under the mid-range plan. The final year of the plan period coincides with the conclusion of the ten-year business plan, but our outlook does not end there: we are determined to plant the seeds for longer-term success in 2020 to 2030.