2017-2019 Mid-range Business Plan

Updated: February 5, 2018

Revised Numerical Targets

The original plan called for 4.5 billion yen in operating income by 2019.
We achieved this two years early, so the target has been raised.
The target for 2019 is now 23.5 billion yen in sales and 5.4 billion yen in operating income.

Business Strategy for 2018-2019

(1) Consulting

As part of our quest to be a comprehensive provider of management consulting solutions,
our range of solution categories has been expanded.

In addition to HRD and ICT development solutions, we seek to bring improvements to clients'
profit-and-loss statements and balance sheets.

Below is a selection of the main solution categories in which we offer support services.

(2) Logistics

We seek to build on our existing operations—logistics consulting, logistics operations, and logistics trading— with new platform functions so as to become a comprehensive provider of logistics engineering solutions.

Human Resources Strategy for 2018-2019

We will continue with our steady recruiting strategy and swift development of consultants.
Meanwhile, we will improve working practices by implementing systems like remote working and flex time to promote better work-life balance and productivity.

Capital Policy

We will take the following approach to capital policy in order to increase shareholder value over the mid-to-long term.
1) Appropriate level of shareholders' equity
2) Proper returns to shareholders
3) Improved capital efficiency achieved through proactive business investments aimed at growing profits

Corporate Governance

We will strive to enhance corporate governance by applying the following system.