2017-2019 Mid-range Business Plan

Funai Soken Group - Our 10-year Plan

Business Strategy and HR Strategy - Dual Engines to Accelerate Operations

・To become Japan's only “Total Management Consulting Group"
・ Use industry-specific management workshops as a foundation for building a Client Stock consulting model capable of sustainable growth

Steps to Becoming a Total Management Consulting Group

2017-2019 Mid-range Business Plan

Basic Policies

The Funai Soken Group's 2017 - 2019 3-year plan is as follows

FY2017-2019 Sales and Operating Income Targets

・ Forecast sustainable sales growth of 10% or more each year

・ Set operating income target of 4.5 billion yen in fiscal 2019, the final year of the Mid-range Business Plan, and aim for early achievement of 5.0 billion yen

Business Strategy 1) Management Consulting Business

Implement solution-specific strategies for leading genres to further provide value added support based on performance improvement and HR development support for SMEs, areas of strength we have developed over the years

Business Strategy 2) Logistics Business

・ Further growth for logistics consulting, logistics operations, logistics trading business

・ Expand into total logistics engineering corporation with focus on platform functions

HR Strategy

・ Use planned new graduate hiring and a high retention rate to achieve rapid development of young consultants

・ Challenge ourselves to hire the professional human resources required by a Total Management Consultant Group

General Concept of Capital Policies

Outline the following as basic policies with the goal of increasing medium- and long-term stock value
1. Formation of optimal standards for stock capital
2. Appropriate shareholder returns
3. Increase capital efficiency through aggressive business investments aimed at increasing profit

Strengthening Corporate Governance